The universal API for open finance

Connect to your customers’ payment, open banking, e-commerce or accounting tools and access the most relevant data to build your product

Power your product with Qard API

Qard enables you to better understand your customers and enrich your credit data and processes through a unique API.

A standardized and simplified API to facilitate integration


Qard collects dozens of data sources, manages them and integrates them into a unified data model for easy integration into your processes and software.

Comprehensive connection management to reduce your development and maintenance costs.

    Data and insights from multiple sources for better analysis


    Access to advanced data on companies and their officers by connecting directly to their platforms and tools through Qard connectors and data retrieved from official organisations


      Automatically retrieve your clients’ tax returns and detailed analysis, even when they are not published


      Retrieve the Accounting Entry File and a detailed analysis

      Open Banking

      Access to your customers’ bank accounts to offer them adapted services, analyse their solvency and visualize defaults thanks to many insights (seizure of accounts, third-party notices, outstanding loans, etc.)

      Official and legal data

      Retrieve all available data from the commercial courts, including disputes, collective proceedings, management bans


      Retrieve invoices, orders, subscriptions and their analysis from your customers’ payment providers or commerce platforms


      Get articles and reviews about your customers and prospects from press and blogs

      Why build your product with Qard?

      Save months of development and launch your product faster

      Eliminate development and maintenance costs for integrations

      Integrate our Api into an existing or brand new product with the same ease

      Provide a more seamless and complete user experience for your customers

      How can our API help you?

      Develop your activity according to your business and needs

      Risk analysis

      Get instant access to legal and management data and study sales, financial and marketing performance. To help you make better decisions.

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      Financing and anticipating future income

      Track your customers’ future revenues by looking at due dates and amounts remaining on invoices issued by your customers or subscriptions sold.

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      Simplify your onboarding processes

      For your KYC/KYB, formalities, customer document collection or screening, access all the data you need to deliver a seamless customer journey and a successful user experience.

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      "Les connecteurs de l’API Qard nous ont permis de récupérer des datas non accessibles jusqu’ici sur nos clients et renforcer notre processus de prise de décision en risque crédit. Ainsi nous avons pu proposer nos services de financement à un marché plus large sans perdre en agilité et en qualité de service."

      Vincent Folny, COO & Co-fondateur d’Aria

      "Depuis l'intégration de l'API Qard au sein de notre logiciel de courtage en financement pro, nous avons pu proposer à nos courtiers des fonctionnalités à grandes valeurs ajoutées. Nos courtiers peuvent estimer rapidement la solvabilité de leurs clients avant de les envoyer aux banques et permet de réduire considérablement le temps alloué aux montages des dossiers.".

      Anthony Cutrone, Directeur commercial chez Fletesia

      "Qard a joué un rôle instrumental dans l'optimisation de nos processus de scoring et le contrôle de notre taux de défauts. Nous avons pu gagner un temps crucial dans la gestion de nos dossiers de prêts en utilisant l'api et en nous reposant sur Qard comme notre fournisseur privilégié de données."

      Fabien Jullia, Chief Capital Officer chez Mansa

      How does it work for your customers?


      Platform selection

      From your interface or our dashboard, your customer can select the platform you need to connect



      Your customer authenticates with the login links provided by Qard as a white label


      Data retrieval

      Qard collects the data for your product in real time, processes it and sends it to you

      of French companies analysed

      Through the same API, you can directly access all legal and financial information on French companies. The information is aggregated, enriched and then analysed using our algorithms to serve as the “data base” for all your onboarding, screening, credit risk and other processes.

      Visualize and test the power of our API on a Dashboard


      Depending on your needs and analysis methods, choose to use our technology via our API or directly via our Dashboard.

      You can also test and find all our analysis in a visual and intuitive way