Transactionlink and Qard have partnered to provide the most efficient onboarding solution available!

The Qard-Onboarding solution enables...

  • Automatisez l’entrée en relation avec vos clients
  • Réduisez de 80% les revues manuelles dues à la conformité
  • Réduisez la fraude et automatisez vos décisions risques

    Avec notre partenaire Transactionlink, créer votre onboarding en quelques clics.

Take advantage of Qard’s automated KYB onboarding with Transactionlink

Create your own personalised onboarding path

  • Customise every stage of your process with a no-code interface

  • Collect information and documents to fulfil your regulatory obligations and internal processes

  • Integrate the customer journey into your website quickly

  • Detect fraud automatically

Thanks to the Qard API, you are automatically connected to all data providers.

You have access to all the necessary data sources, including :

  • Fraud detection

  • Customer file enrichment

  • Additionally, the government provides data and documents to the scorer.

Manage your customers

  • Manage all of your onboard customers from one easy-to-use platform.

  • Receive notifications for unusual situations

  • Connect your business software to receive all collected data

  • Automate edge cases

  • Extend your KYB to all EU countries