Save time by simplifying and automating your onboarding and case management processes

Retrieve all company and officers information for cases pre-filling and KYC documents.

They use Onboarding

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The problem


Setting up a loan application or onboarding a new customer can be a tedious and time-consuming task and can increase the drop-out rate during the process or affect the quality of the application

The solution


Thanks to all its financial and sensitive data on officers and the companies in which they are affiliated, Qard speeds up the qualification of files, avoids risk and saves time that could have been invested in your high value-added tasks

How the Onboarding solution helps our customers

Time saving

Qard retrieves the available information on companies and their officers and eliminates the tediousness of manual tasks thanks to the pre-filling of files

KYC automation

Thanks to Qard’s data and some connectors, the retrieval of KYC for financing is done automatically and seamlessly integrated into all processes

Trusted data

Our data is collected through certified organisations to obtain the most reliable information and prevent fraud

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