Cashflow prediction

Anticipate your customers’ future expenses and automatically retrieve their invoices

The problem


The analysis of balance sheet ratios alone has limits in assessing risk and analysing the performance of a company, because it is a past view of its situation, not a prospective one. It does not take into consideration other sources related to the development and management of a company

The solution


Qard aggregates all available company information and allows you to add useful sources to your analysis through its banking, financial, trading connectors and improves your predictivity

How Qard enables the analysis of a company’s financial flows to its customers

Predicting future spending

Thanks to Open Banking

Anticipate and analyse outgoing and incoming flows thanks to the history of transactions and the study of seasonality and turnover trends

Thanks to trade platforms

Retrieve invoices, subscriptions and view transaction flows to estimate future revenues with relevant insights

Trusted and up-to-date data

Our data is retrieved through certified organizations and your customers’ personal plateforms to provide the most reliable and real-time information

Sources used