Credit risk

Control risk and take the best financial decisions

Qard offers you the possibility to retrieve all legal company data and gives you access to your customers’ plateforms and sales channels

They use credit risk

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The problem


The data provided by borrowers remains protected, inaccessible and sometimes incorrect. This limits the possibilities of risk and credit analysis

The solution


By providing direct access to trusted, real-time data, Qard enables more relevant analysis using past, current and predictive indicators to make better decisions

How our clients manage risk analysis with Qard

Decision-making support

All the information retrieved from a multitude of sources and connectors allows the most relevant analysis and improves decision making

Tax returns analysis

Access to pre-established ratios allows past and current analysis of a company’s finances and stability.

Transactions analysis

An analysis of tax returns alone has its limits, as it gives a past view of a company’s situation. Transaction analysis by Open Banking, e-commerce shops or payment services improves prospecting

Sensitives informations

Quickly identify anomalies related to the company and its officers, such as bankruptcy proceedings, court decisions, management restrictions, etc.

Trusted and up-to-date data

Our data is retrieved from certified organizations and personal platforms of your customers to get the most reliable information and updated

Sources used